Thursday, September 01, 2011

The First Day Of September

A canal side house at Burford
A beautiful  start to September with a glorious hot sunny day. It started well with a pleasant walk with Ben the dog as I thought the towpath was too bumpy for cycling. No real queues at Swanley Locks just one boat ahead of us and a few coming down. NB Kelly Louise was moored in this area and gave us a shout as the boat passed by, they read the blog.......Hello again.....perhaps we'll see you again on our way back. This is only a fleeting visit to Ellesmere Festival and the Llangollen Canal as we're off to the Anderton Boat Lift and the River Weaver to tick off two more places where the Bendy boat hasn't been.

Approaching Baddiley Top Lock
Five locks later I was back on the boat as I remember well the mud of the towpath before Wrenbury. A kind boater waited for us to go through the first lift bridge before we moored alongside the caravan park in Wrenbury. That bridge takes forever to wind up and down so it was lovely to just go through it. The boat was moored in the shade of some trees  to keep Ben the dog cool as Eric wanted lunch out. We decided on 'The Dusty Miller' and the food was really good too.

After lunch we decided to carry on was such a lovely day. First we had to work the electric lift bridge, when we started there wasn't a car in sight but by the time it was back down there was quite a queue.......sorry folks for holding you up.  Leaving Wrenbury we spotted the Combermere Abbey Monument in the distance on the towpath side of the canal, not that I know anything about it.....I'll have to Google it.

At Marbury Lock the stern button decided to droop as the weak link decided to give out although Eric didn't notice the button  catching on anything, it just touched the back gate. So we had to fix that as it was interfering with the rudder. At the lock chatting to the crew of the boat behind found us talking to  some people from our part of the world, their welsh accent was very strong yet we never notice our own. One man said we haven't got an accent....everybody else has! 

It had been a lovely day but a wasp came and spoiled my day when he crawled on my back and stung me........ouch! As the lump started to grow it was time for antihistamines and a dollop of bite cream. We decided to moor up near Marbury. Tomorrow there's three more locks before the six locks at Grindley Brook  so it'll be a busy day.......let's hope the sun is shining.

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Tom and Jan said...

Hi Elsie & Eric,

Sorry we didn't get an opportunity to have a chat when you went past us on Kelly-Louise. Perhaps next time we are in the same area!

We're currently occupying Kelly-Louise courtesy of her owners (Peter & Margaret) whilst we wait for our boat (nb Waiouru) to be rebuilt.

All the best

Tom & Jan