Friday, September 09, 2011

Down Grindley Brook Locks

Grindley Brook Bottom Lock

This morning it was a walk with Ben the dog  doing the three lift bridges on the way to Grindley Brook. A lovely warm day although Eric didn't like the wind blowing the boat making it hard work. At Grindley Brook we topped up the water tank and then made our way to the top of the locks to  see the lock keeper. We had to wait for a boat to come up and one go down, then it was our turn down the staircase of three. Then we did the three single locks with no boats came up the locks so every lock had to be filled so we could go down. At the bottom of the locks we found the Visitor moorings and stopped for lunch. After a leisurely lunch it was already two o'clock so we decided to stay put rather than do any more locks today. We'll see how far we get tomorrow.

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