Friday, September 16, 2011

Down The Anderton Lift In Pictures

Waiting for the barrier to be rasied
Entering the caisson (tank)

Ready to go down
One tank up and one going down
The giant ram supporting a caisson
Nearly at river level
Today we cruised up the final stretch to Anderton passing Wincham Wharf where out boat first went in the water to be taken to Sandbach for fitting out. Arriving at the 24 hour visitor moorings we moored up and went to see if a passage down was available today. We were in luck so got the next passage down onto the River Weaver,


artymess said...

wow that looks amazing ......x

Elsie said...

Yes, it was an experience- a first for us. Down on the River Weaver the water is so still, its lovely.Love Elsie