Monday, September 19, 2011

Back Up The Anderton Lift

Anderton Lift
Today we cruised to Northwich as it's a place we've never visited by boat or by car.  First stop was the BW Services and then we moored up between the two swing bridges. There's an unusual sign which says 'Boaters wishing to moor have priority' so I take it to mean the anglers have to move! Lots of old timbered buildings in the old town but I didn't take the camera! I did find a M&S but they didn't have any long sleeved cotton jersey pyjamas which Eric likes just short sleeved good in winter!

We then decided to go back up the boat lift if we could and arrived on the holding moorings at 2.30pm just in time for the 3.00pm  lift to the Trent and Mersey Canal. I went up to ask if there was a space and we were in luck for the 3.00pm. If you prebook a space you have to pay a booking fee of £5, otherwise it's free.

So we're back on a canal and Ben is delighted as we jump off the boat to have a walk with the boat. It was good on the River Weaver but walks had to be completed before we cruised as  you can't just hop off the boat. Moored near the Billinge Flashes with four other boats, all spaced out of course!

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