Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back To Middlewich

We decided to sit out the rain and it stopped at lunchtime so we cruised all the way to Middlewich working through the four locks and then Wardle Lock after getting water at the junction. Ben and I did have a walk in the rain before we moved but we didn't go that far and Ben was quite happy to turn around and go back to the boat.

Every lock was against us so had to be emptied before we could go up. I left Eric with the boat  in the lock with the water going up slowly while I went ahead to empty the next lock. By the time I'd done that the boat was level and ready to leave the lock. Ben had to stay on his lead while I did the locks as there were lots of walkers, dogs and bikes about.

We moored up on Middlewich Visitor Moorings, which wasn't empty this evening. We had a beautiful orange sunset, before we knew it was dark outside and it's only eight o'clock.

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