Friday, September 02, 2011

Above Grindley Brook

Today we had a  busy day with nine locks to get through. I cycled ahead with Ben the dog to get the locks ready but it didn't make any difference as boats  were coming down.......I was just there so the gates were left open for us to go up. Another lovely day  so I cycled to the bottom of Grindley Brook with Ben. He still tries to eat my feet when I start off but a shout of no usually does the trick.

We queued at Grindley Brook with two boats going up ahead of us but some were coming down so it worked quite well.  At the staircase we were in luck no one was coming down, so I asked the lock keeper if it was OK to come up. I can't say he's the happiest lock keeper we've met on the system. Finally above the locks we filled up with water as well as emptying the cassettes and got rid of a bag of rubbish. After that we found a space to moor although the wind wanted us to moor on the non towpath's always windy above Grindley Brook.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you on Tuesday and put a face to the blog. Thanks for the link, will wait till we get back from the wedding and we know what we are doing before we have a go. Hope you enjoy the Weaver and the lift, still on our to do list.
Judith and John
nb Serena