Monday, August 22, 2011

Wheaton Aston To Norbury Junction

Another lovely day so as planned we had a  two and a half hour cruise to Norbury Junction. Ben walked quickly and I cycled the first three miles with stops for Eric to catch up, after that it was back on the boat at a bridge hole. Eric always enjoys the deep shadowy cuttings listening to the birds singing and the tall embankments on the Shroppie  along its comparatively straight  route. It's such a change after the narrow Staffs & Worcs Canal which meanders along. A long stream of boats was heading south towards Autherley, so we needed to give way at lots of bridges as the boats coming towards us had no intention of stopping, some says thank you others couldn't manage a word.

Gnosall Heath was busy with a few spaces but we carried on stopping at the end of the line of moored boats before Norbury Junction. Despite its name it's no longer a junction but there is a short section of the Newport Branch Canal in water used by Norbury Wharf.  Eric found the satellite signal and then we went for a walk up the Norbury Junction Services as I  had some books to swap and Eric needed a home for a pile of Waterways World magazines. Just one poor lonely book was sat on the table, the place had been cleaned out. Eric left the magazines on the table rather than put them in the rubbish, hopefully someone will take them to read before another big clear out happens.

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