Saturday, August 13, 2011

Visitors On NB Bendigedig

He's my grandad!
Lisa and Gwenllian arrived at lunch time and I met them off the train in Stafford. We got a taxi back to Great Haywood  to save the trek across town to the hourly  bus service with a three year old walking. She's a really good walker but we only had fifteen minutes if we were going to catch the bus. The above photo sums up today.......she only has eyes for her grandad although I did get a hug at the station.

Eric met us below Great Haywood Lock to save the long walk to the boat and  I worked him through the lock. Lisa and Gwenllian climbed aboard and we headed for the waterpoint to fill up before our cruise to Tixall Wide. Gwenllian sat on the roof hatch next to her grandad and ate lunch. We managed to find a space past the wide section, but later boats were out of luck.
Filling up with water at Great Haywood

Gwenllian's upside down!

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artymess said...

Lovely weekend for you Elsie with your family .....x