Sunday, August 07, 2011

Totally Celebrated!

Today we had lunch at 'The Tame Otter' in Hopwas, a part of the Vintage Inn Chain. We booked online last night and yes we'd go again, excellent food and service, so we've certainly celebrated our wedding anniversary. 

Before lunch Ben and I went on a circular walk taking in the towpath and a walk through Hopwas Woods alongside the canal. It's busy here on Sunday morning and we were also very lucky to miss the rain. In fact we'd just got back to the boat as it started.

Walking back to the boat after lunch we just missed the heavy rain again, so we decided to stay put in Hopwas until tomorrow. The rain certainly hasn't stopped the boats moving on this canal. Only one downside here no shop to get a Sunday paper, so we're having a lazy afternoon watching The Cannonball Run instead.

No photos as they were frightening.........Eric looked as though he didn't want to be there and mine looked like an advert for shiny white teeth!


anne said...

congratulations, to you both. love Annex

Elsie said...

Thanks Anne, love Elsie x

Nancy Fletcher said...

My husband and I enjoyed meeting you this evening, and hearing about life on a canal boat. Happy Anniversary!

Elsie said...

What a coincidence our surname is Fletcher too! Perhaps we'll see you again when you try a canal boat holiday.