Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Through Nuneaton, Moored Near Hartshill

NB Bendigedig on the Coventry Canal

Today we left our mooring after the long line of long term moorers, I didn't particularly like the place as it's next to a very busy section of cycle track but at least we were a bit further away from the drone of the M6 Motorway. No early walk today for Ben as we knew we had to pass the place where the derelict Navigation Inn is and nearby there is that advertising yellow airship shaped balloon which spooked Ben when we last passed this way.

Ben and I jumped off the boat at the bridge near Marston Junction and had a very hot walk to the outskirts of Nuneaton. At Bridge 21 Eric moored up the boat and I went to get milk and a paper and came back with mini fish and chips for two..........very nice too! Back on the boat we had a near miss just after one blind corner with a boat heading straight for us, he didn't slow down at all and Eric just managed to avoid him.

Hartshill BW Yard
We passed Hartshill BW Yard and headed off to find a mooring on our own, not that It'll be like that for long. Lone boats always attract a few more, safety in numbers I suppose.

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