Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Short Cruise To Rugeley

Today it was just an hour and a half to get to Rugeley as I needed to get some fresh food in the fridge. We were in luck there was a couple of spaces which were soon filled with us and the boat behind us. Ben ran along with me as I cycled along the towpath, of course I stopped and let the walkers pass by rather than ringing the bell and expecting them to move out of the way. Ben was a very good boy staying next to me on the bike for most of the time.

Lisa and Gwenllian ( Photo by Gerwyn)

This weekend we're having a visit from my daughter Lisa and grandaughter Gwenllian. Gwenllian wakes up everyday and asks are we going today? She's been telling everyone she's going on a boat and she's going to sleep in nanny's bed, while Eric and I sleep on the bed settee. We're going to have a very busy weekend.

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