Monday, August 01, 2011

A Short Cruise To Rugby And Out Again

Sorry no photos again but you must be fed up of pictures of the boat anyway. We left our mooring , first job of the day was as usual ....walk the dog. Next job was find a space to go shopping at Tesco's and Eric managed that one. He came with me to help carry the shopping as Ben stayed on the boat. It was baking today so it was all the windows open to try and keep the temperature down until all the doors could be opened again. Curtains pulled on the sunny side of the boat for the same reason. Boat was 80 degrees F when we got back and it hasn't gone down even with everything open!

After lunch we decided to move away from the roads and cruised until we got to just before Bridge 35 as we'd made a note that there were rings on a previous trip, and we were in luck there was a big enough space. We're not far from Rose Narrowboats so new narrowboat hirers are passing by far a few close shouting 'steer the way you don't want to go' to avoid being hit. The not so new hirers vary from speedy to slow and considerate, no prizes for guessing who I'd prefer!

The main highlight of our trip today was the lights in Newbold Tunnel, it looked lovely as you looked back, although a few new bulbs are needed. Eric and I found it incredibly hot on the back of the boat so lots of cool drinks, let's hope there's a breeze tomorrow.

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