Friday, August 19, 2011

A Quick Update

Yesterday was a yuk day for me, I picked up a sickness bug and boy did I suffer! Today I'm feeling a bit delicate but at least I can vacate  the bathroom. Eric moved the boat on from Radford Bank to get a bit of peace and quiet above Deptmore Lock.

Today we travelled doing the locks along that noisy stretch of canal running alongside the M6  stopping above Gailey Lock to use the services and get some fuel. Self declaration was a no go 60/40 or nothing, but as we were desperate we got 50 litres to keep us going until we get to Turner's on the Shroppie where the diesel is much cheaper and self declaration is no problem.

The washing machine did a load while we were on the move, so when we moored up out came the rotary line and the washing is blowing dry in the breeze.


artymess said...

that's nasty Elsie .hope you feel better soon ....x

Elsie said...

Thanks Artymess......feeling much better today (Saturday)