Friday, August 26, 2011

On To Market Drayton

The Wrekin is there!
We cruised through Grub Street Cutting, glad the boat sounded much better and then along Shebdon Embankment with a feeling of great big skies. You can see The Wrekin  although my photograph isn't good, it's too far away from my compact camera. Ben and I walked along the grassy towpath hopping on and off at bridge holes. Finally we  found a space at Goldstone Wharf  and tried out those wheelbarrow wheels as we couldn't get in close in the last space. Eric had fun hammering in a stake as the rings aren't well spaced.

After a quiet night Ben and I had short walk as we were close to Woodseaves Cutting..... a definate no go for's a paddle with standing water and mud and yes there's duckwood as I've no doubt told you before. A boat was coming towards us so we waited until he came through the bridge hole before entering the cutting. A speedy boater caught us up as  we were enjoying the cutting, it's so green you imagine you're miles from anywhere and then  some mums with children in buggies came rushing down  a  path so the children could see the boat.

Approaching Tyrley Locks we stopped and let the speed boater past with his bow wave and radio blasting out, we weren't in any rush. Boats coming up meant it only took under an hour to get through the five Tyrley Locks and lots of help from the crews too. The gent who lived at the Top Lock was helping too. Ben and I continued our walk and we moored up in Market Drayton. While Ben looked after the boat Eric and I visited the new Asda to get some fresh food. Due to its size there wasn't much choice in the fruit and veg section but it was so much closer than Morrison's. As we got our trolley to the only manned (womanned!) till she was closing. My comment about using the self service for a trolley load was a bit much was heard and she did let us through her till before she closed.  Perhaps a longer walk to Morrison's would have better as I missed all the choices.

Back on the boat we enjoyed our chicken and chips, of course Ben had chicken too. Eric failed to get a satellite signal and Freeview gave us BBC channels and the radio, so it's just as well we like to watch BBC1. Maybe we just pointed it in the wrong direction! Tomorrow we'll be moving on.

This morning as I lazed around in my dressing gown (on the laptop of course) I had a tap on the boat and Martin off NB Cherokee came to say hello.........he reads my blog.......I hope the scary lady with sticky up hair didn't put you off your breakfast. Lovely to meet you, we'll look out for you on our travels.

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