Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moored At Nantwich

This morning we were woken at 8am  when the boat behind us started his engine and used bow thrusters rather than give the bow a push out. Later we left Coole Pilate and headed for Hack Green Locks and were pleased to find no queue even though many boats had passed us by while we got ready to go. I found the towpath very bumpy so I didn't cycle for long but Ben still needed a  walk so we continued on foot.

We crossed over the Aqueduct leading to the moorings and found a space but had great fun getting a pin in the ground as the rings were too far away for a 57 foot boat. Eric finally found a spot where the pin went in ......so let's hope we're still joined in the morning. Sue and Mac  went past hoping we were going as we they wanted to moor up.

We walked into Nantwich to have a look around, lots of little shops and I came back with a cotton jumper and a replacement bean cutter as mine had broken after many years of service. We also got a few things from Morrison's to keep us going.  I didn't bother with any heavy stuff as we're planning to go to Ellesmere and there's a canal side Tesco there.

Judith and John from NB Serena tapped on the boat to say hello as they read my blog. We chatted about winter moorings and here's a link to the BW Mooring Vacancies Site  LINK. 

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