Friday, August 12, 2011

Moored At Great Haywood

It was fun cycling from Rugeley to Colwich and Ben had a good run too! I must be getting used to it as the rear end feels better and my thighs don't hurt anymore. At Colwich Lock I got back on the boat after working through the lock and had a short cruise to Great Haywood. We're not that close, but close enough to walk into the village to get a paper.

Ben likes the walk between the canal bank and the railway line (non towpath side) as there's loads of trees which means he can indulge his delight of carrying big sticks, more like branches. Also he loves to have a paddle in the canal chasing small sticks, this morning it was deeper than he thought so he was in up to his neck! While we were out I also found some juicy blackberries, the first we've found this year so I've got enough to make a few crumbles to put in the freezer.......delicious with custard says Eric!

Ben looked after the boat while we popped to see the new Canalside Farm Shop which now has a butcher and deli counter as well as fruit & veg and bread and cakes. We came away with pork pie and strawberries. Just having a lazy afternoon today, tomorrow there's no chance of that as my granddaughter Gwenllian aged 3 is coming to visit with her mum.  

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