Thursday, August 11, 2011

Message To Artymess!

For some reason whenever I try to leave you a comment on your posts I fail, so this is the message........... ' Sorry to hear you're flat on your back again, I hope you recover soon, Love Elsie x'


Adam said...

Are you suffering the blogger problem of going round in circles -- posting a comment, being asked to log in, posting the comment, being asked to log in etc etc etc?
I've done some research on this. It only affects blogs where the comments are embedded in the page, not ones that have a pop up box. The way round it is, when you're asked to log in, untick the box which says "keep me logged in". Then your comment will post OK.

artymess said...

thanks Elsie that's kind of you ....I am a bit fed up now its so frustrating not to be as active as i normally am .......I still am getting better just a bit of a blip In my recovery ....
as far as blogger if,when you sign in, you uncheck the stay signed in box then that allows you to leave a comment ...hope this helps ...xx