Monday, August 08, 2011

Hopwas To Streethay, Cruising and Cycling

Yesterday we chatted to an American couple walking past the boat at Hopwas, who were interested in life on a canal boat. They are visiting various places where their English ancestors lived including Hopwas.  They left me a message on the blog and surprise surprise we both share the same surname Fletcher....... I wonder if they have any Welsh ancestors? Eric's family was originally from Wellington in Shropshire a few generations ago, moving to Rogerstone when workers were needed for a new steel works. Believe it or not they made the journey on foot. An area of Rogerstone nick named 'The Nook' housed the many families who came and the streets had Shropshire names such as Wellington Street and   Hadley Street. These houses were demolished to make way for a by pass road.

Today we decided to move and  in doing so met boats coming in both directions in the first hour of moving. Many expected our boat to give way every time and what a miserable bunch of boaters they were today. Usually they are happy to smile, chat and cooperate but not today. Eric said he should have stayed in bed! Meanwhile I cycled and Ben walked  beside me most of the time.  We kept stopping for Eric to catch up. Cycling uses bits of me I didn't know had muscles, but it's been great to cycle instead of walking everyday.

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