Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Four Miles To Fradley Junction

NB Shush on the Coventry Canal

A four mile cycle ride today with Ben the dog, with stops at the bridges for Eric to catch up! Who should we see just past one bridge........NB Shush! Eiddwyn came out for a quick chat, their off towards Braunston in a few days. Lots of boats on the move today, some with shears cutting the overhanging trees, some pulling in so they could stay on the towpath side away from the greenery. Lots of shiny boats!

On the last section of the Coventry Canal are two waterpoints and after a short wait we were able to get on one of them. Unbelievably slow to fill the boat's water tank. Cassettes emptied, rubbish got rid off, and a visit to the shop and it still wasn't full. I bought the last two litres of milk as we're running low. Finally with a full water tank it was through the swing bridge and turn left to go up two locks and leave Fradley Junction behind.......no room to moor today.

NB Bendigedig at Fradley Swing Bridge

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