Friday, August 26, 2011

The Farm Shop At Adderley Top Lock

Leaving Market Drayton
We finally got moving at 11 o'clock as far as the waterpoint anyway to top up the tank. The flow of water  tap was unbelievably slow. Finally with the tank full and ready to go I cycled although the towpath was rather bumpy and Ben got a good run for several miles. Passing a field of cows on the non towpath side was an experience we'd never had before as the whole herd starting mooing and rushing towards Ben and I.......luckily a barbed wire fence and the canal separated us.

Those nosey cows!
We stopped at the Top of Adderley Locks waiting for the boat to come up rather than turning the lock and wasting water. I popped across the lock to have a look at the goodies for sale. The farmer's wife told me she had fresh lamb so I bought some lovely thick steaks and some pork sausages. She took a while to get them as she had to wait for her husband to cut the steaks.

Meanwhile her pet lamb was busy nibbling at the hedges, not bothered at all by Ben  tethered to a seat. I wish I had my camera when the lamb came and stood by Ben. The farmer's wife said her pet lamb thinks he's a dog and is not bothered by dogs at all. Even though she puts him back in the field at night he's waiting for her every morning at her back door, he crosses the lock gate lower down and walks up the towpath and crosses the top lock to get to the farm house. That lamb's not destined for the dinner table.

We continued down the flight and moored at the bottom on the visitor moorings..............lovely and peaceful here.

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