Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back On The Shroppie

Bridge 1 on the Shroppie Canal

Today I cycled into Coven to go to the Coop as we needed some fruit, bread and some was certainly quicker by bike. Meanwhile Eric waited at Coven for me to come back to the boat. We had the narrows today before Autherley Junction and we waited nearly three quarters of an hour before the stream of boats finally stopped. There are passing spaces but it was busy we decided to wait a bit.

Wolverhampton Boat Club

So a right turn and we're back on the Shroppie, a favourite of Eric! Through the stop lock which foxes me everytime as it'll hard to tell if it needs filling or emptying it's such a small difference. We passed by the Wolverhampton Boat Club which looks so nice yet there's a barb wire protected bridge with a locked gate to get to it from the towpath side. BW always says not to more until after Bridge 6 .....there's been a murder in the past! We moored after Bridge 7 on the Visitor Moorings with rings and it's one of those places where the Shroppie shelf is not evident. Now we have some wheelbarrow wheels we shouldn't have a problem any way........haven't tried them out yet!

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