Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back On The Llangollen

Caught in the roof
Leaving Nantwich we followed the slow boat to Hurleston Junction.....they couldn't have gone any slower if they tried. They then missed the turn off for the locks, so tried to reverse but got there in the end. We followed then up the locks, while the lock keeper stayed at the top. When we reached the top we told him the water was a foot down in the second pound making it difficult to leave the lock so he let some water down.

We didn't go far just the moorings between Bridge 4 and 5 and we're all on own. This is Eric's favourite canal he's happy. He even cleaned the roof......he must be happy. Ben was outside enjoying the grassy towpath after a game of ball, but he wouldn't look at me when I wanted him too to take a photo. I imagined him thinking the caption of the photo!

Not another photo of me!


Narrowboat DELILAH said...

Welcome back to the Llangollen canal, we moor in Swanley Bridge Marina and just created a blog site ourselves, we hope we meet up one day,we follow your blog with interest.

Ian & Jane

Elsie said...

Hi Ian & Jane, What's your blog address? Nice to know someone reads my blog!

Narrowboat DELILAH said...

Hi Elsie,

our blog address is: