Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Back Again....On The Coventry Canal

The Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junction
The Old Engine House
Today we left the Oxford Canal at Hawkesbury Junction and are now about a mile away back on the Coventry Canal as we couldn't get a space closer. My impressions of the North Oxford.......  it's quite a pretty canal I loved the old iron bridges  but there are many bridges in dire need of repair including this crack on a road bridge  over the canal, just a tap from a vehicle and the side of the bridge is gone. The bridge at Ansty has been taken down and replaced at present with a scaffolding foot bridge. There's lots of 14 day moorings but they're usually full by midday and lots of left boats are just sitting there. Of the moorings shallow sides and overgrown edges would have made mooring difficult. Ben and I enjoyed the rural towpaths but the canal itself has been extremely busy.

A repair is needed here

Ansty Foot Bridge


Adam said...

We had a look at that cracked bridge at the weekend, as we were moored near there at All Oaks Corner. In addition to that crack, the whole of that side of the bridge appears to be falling forwards. I notice that it's in the winter works programme, so lets hope it lasts until then!

Elsie said...

Must have just missed you, we were there Monday night.