Monday, July 18, 2011

A Visitor In Nottingham

Today we were up bright and early to walk to the Railway Station, Eric and Ben came too. Anne arrived with food from her local butcher in Grantham, very nice too. We walked back to the boat  and had a cuppa and chatted and chatted and chatted......after all we had three years to catch up on. Later we had lunch, after which Anne and I went into Nottingham to have a look around the shops. I came back with a new pair of slippers......last of the big spenders! Anne caught the train home in time for tea with her hubby. We had a lovely day and I hope to meet up again soon. I'll email a copy of the photo to you Anne.


artymess said...

That sounds like a nice day ...the great thing about good friends is that you can continue where you left off last time you saw them ....i find it's like you had never been apart....was thinking about you last night watched canal walks along Llangollen canal...expected to see you and Ben at any time !...x

Elsie said...


We watch the canal programs'd think we see enough of the canals. It's nice to watch the places you've walked too. Our only claim to fame was our boat was filmed crossing the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct for a children's holiday programm, our daughter saw it but we missed it!

artymess said...

isn't that always the way .....i don't think you can ever have enough of something if it's your passion ....I'm the same about textiles...x