Monday, July 25, 2011

Visiting Market Harborough

Today we travelled along the Market Harborough Arm, Ben and I did three miles on if on foot while Eric steered the boat. Quite a quiet pleasant journey going to Market Harborough, but busier on the way back as all the hireboats were leaving the basin. The visitor moorings were full  but we carried on to use the Services and there was a notice saying mooring was available in the basin just call in at the office. We were surprised that there was no charge unless you intended staying overnight and then the fee was £7.50 including electric.

We walked down the hill into town and were pleasantly surprised by the variety of shops. Eric bought  a shirt in the sales of one of the posh shops and I bought a couple of tops as cover ups to stop me frying in the sun. Eric spotted a barber and we noticed they cut ladies hair too- mainly trims and short cuts which suited me fine. Other than that we bought milk and bread in the large Tesco Metro in the square and walked back up the hill to the basin.

We'd been told by a couple of boaters if was not a good place to go, so we're very glad we took no'll well worth a visit!

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Lee Williams-Demming said...

Hi Elsie,

I was just wondering why a few boaters had said that Market harborough wasn't a good place to go?
I'm just doing some research for a blog that i want to start about the Mkt.Harborouh area, and i found your blog.
All the best.

Lee Demming