Friday, July 01, 2011

Passing Samuel Barlow's.......Moored Historic Boats

Some are fully loaded boats
Today we cruised from outside Polesworth in lovely sunshine, Ben and I didn't have a long walk as he jumped back on the boat at a bridge hole! He didn't like the noisy trains near the canal. We passed Alvecote Marina where lots of historic working boats are moored next to the Samuel Barlow pub. Some of the boats were fully loaded which shows how different they look when working.  We worked through Glascote Locks with some help from another boat coming up behind us, he wanted some exercise so did I mind if he did the paddles.....of course not! Once again it was much quicker going down the locks and we were soon on our way.

We planned to stop for a spot of retail therapy so stopped at Fazeley Visitor Moorings and set off on foot. It was much further than we thought but we eventually found the retail park. We did our shopping and got a taxi back to the boat as we didn't fancy the walk back armed with shopping. The taxi driver found just the spot to drop us near the boat and he was very chatty and friendly asking all sorts of questions about our life on a boat.  The pharmacist in Asda was chatty too when I went to get some more hay fever tablets, I can't cope without them as there's so much long grass with seed heads about.

Back on the boat Eric decided he didn't want to stay outside peoples' houses overnight so we cruised for another hour to moor at Hopwas on the end of a line of boats.

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