Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On The River Soar......The Water's Clean!

Thrumpton's weir and a train crosses the bridge.
Looking back.....Trent Lock & the Erewash Canal is through the bridge.
Redhill Lock was chained open
Sharing Ratcliffe Lock
Passing Ratcliffe Power Station
Cranfleet Cut was noisy.......the trains ran all night and rattled across the nearby bridge over the canal. So we didn't get much sleep. In the afternoon we walked down to Trent Lock to see the place where the River Soar, River Trent, Erewash Canal and Cranfleet Cut meet. We could see the huge weir where the River Soar joins the River Trent and we knew we had to keep well way as it has a strong draw. We sat outside 'The Steamboat' and had a couple of beers in the sunshine.

This morning we were ready to move, so a big sweep round to stay well away from that weir  and now we're on the River Soar. As you look back you could see the bridge where the Erewash Canal begins. The first lock we came to was Redhill Lock and we passed straight through as it's chained open in Summer. Then came Ratcliffe Lock and another boat came  to share the lock, lots of chatting in the lock by the men and it turned out that the other steerer was Welsh too from Bridgend.

Ben enjoyed his walk alongside the river this morning as we had the paths to ourselves and he had to jump a few stiles. He did get black muddy legs but they were soon sorted with a bucket of water. Kedgeworth Shallow Lock was open both ends, so the next lock was Kedgeworth Deep Lock which took a age to fill. We moored up soon after on some unmarked visitor moorings and looking out of the window it's just like Tixall Wide except it's not blowing a gale. Our first impressions of the River Soar are very good.


Karen & Ian (nb Serenity) said...

Hi, we gave you a wave as you passed by EMBS, next to the Otter pub, Kegworth. We love the River Soar.

Elsie said...


It's such a peaceful waterway so far. I remember waving to you....we thought the natives were friendly.

I've added you to my blog list.