Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moored In Nottingham

NB Bendigedig on the River Trent....under the M1
Approaching Beeston Lock
Today we finally got on the River Trent, Eric has been apprehensive but everything went well and we had a lovely trip. We shared the lock at Derwent Mouth with another boat and followed him under the M1 and into Sawley Lock which is a manned, automated lock which was lovely. The other boat was going on the River Soar so he veered off to the right waving goodbye as we went straight ahead through the flood lock onto Cranfleet Cut then through Cranfleet Lock onto the next section of the River Trent. The high sides made views limited but we did see the houses of Barton-in-Fablis.

We followed the bends of the river making sure we stayed in the middle and followed the signs to go left past Barton Island. There were canoes from a local scout group on the right of the island. You couldn't see any of the water filled gravel pits at Attenborough's Nature Reserve, although we knew they were there from the Pearson's Guide.  Finally we passed Beeston Marina and moored up for Beeston Lock. There was only a few feet difference in levels and while I was looking a woman came up and emptied the lock to use it! Obviously in such a hurry she ignored the fact that I was at the other end. In fact she ignored me completely!

We couldn't moor at the water point after the lock as there was a moored boat, a few minutes later they returned on their bikes with their shopping and began to use the other facilities. We pulled onto the lock landing and Eric walked across the bridge to use the sanitary station while I got rid of the rubbish. We couldn't be bothered to wait as we weren't short of water so we carried on along Beeston Cut onto the Nottingham Canal.  We passed Castle Marina and found a space on the Castle Meadows Visitor Moorings , quite a pleasant spot with a grassed area separating us from fenced off new buildings. The moorings stretch as far as Castle Lock complete with rings too.

I  had a walk down the canal but only went a few hundred yards before I had to go back as Ben was refusing to go any further. I wanted to see how far Nottingham Railway Station is from our mooring as my best friend from my college days is coming to visit us tomorrow.  

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