Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moored Below Crack's Hill (near Crick)

Crack's Hill
Today we decided to give the Welford Arm a miss this time and continued on our way towards Crick. We passed the new marina at Yelvertoft and Crack's Hill, not a large hill but noticeable in the surrounding flat land. We're now on the 412 feet above sea level contour in the pound between Foxton Locks and Watford Locks. Arriving at Crick Marina we pulled in for fuel only to find a tiny notice on the pump telling us it was switched off awaiting maintenance. It would have more sense to have a notice at the entrance to the marina!

So it was retracing our steps back to Yelvertoft Marina where we should have stopped in the first place. We pulled in and filled up taking 148 litres, we've never got so low before but we'd passed two places selling fuel who were closed. A lovely marina, so quiet with no trains, roads and no sewage  works.  Note for Sue (NB No Problem)- Yes they allow self declaration and  are very friendly.

We finally moored a short distance away with Crack's Hill the view from our window. I googled it to find it's a moraine made up of silt and debris deposited by  glaciers in the Ice Age. I think tomorrow Ben and I will take the footpath to explore.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Do they display their diesel price on the boards outside yet, last time we passed that way they had notices on the bank but no one had filled the price in.

Elsie said...

No prices displayed at Yelvertoft Marina but we paid £1.07 a litre for 30% propulsion. The price didn't matter we needed fuel!