Monday, July 11, 2011

Moored At Rugeley- Jobs To Do

The invisible list of jobs on the boat is endless. Yesterday after watching the British Grand Prix, Eric was down the engine hole. First of all it was checking the fluid levels on the batteries........all OK, then tightening some loose alternator belts to stop the unusual noises. You get to know what the engine sounds like and we had some strange noises. Next on the invisible list was the Mikuni heater which refused to ignite. We know if the fuel gets below about 90 litres (the take off point is above this) it won't work but we'd filled up and it still refused to start.The self diagnosis light was flashing once to tell us it was an ignition problem, with the booklet telling us it was either (1) glow plug problem (2) no fuel (3) not enough fuel or (4) dirty flame sensor. So first of all he checked the glow plug which was nice and clean then checked if any fuel was coming fuel. It turned out to be nothing drastic just air in the fuel pipe which was soon sorted. We use the Mikuni in the mornings for hot water as it's quieter than starting up the engine.

Eric's got plans to paint the blue edges on the roof but  of all there's lots of preparation to do and of course it needs to be dry and not blowing a gale. Today we're moving on possibly to Fradley, if we can find a space! Otherwise we'll have to go further.

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