Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moored At Kilby Bridge......16 Locks Today

A Coot on her nest...amongst the rubbish!
Castle Park Gardens (secure moorings), Leicester
Along the Mile Straight
Below Freeman's Meadow Lock
Freeman's Meadow Weir, above the lock
St Mary's Mill Lock
Today was a long day starting at Birstall Lock which took us back on the River Soar. At Belgrave Lock we could see the National Space Centre,  a Coot on a nest surrounded by rubbish and then we were on a short section of canal until we got to North Lock where we were on the River Soar again. Lime Kiln Lock was particularly dismal with rubbish everywhere, dead things (mice?) in the lock itself and a rat running along the wall opposite which Ben was watching.

In contrast 'The Mile Straight' through Leicester was much cleaner with  some young people in a pair of canoes joined together busy fishing out rubbish from the water........lots of cries of Yuk! Just before this section of river is Castle Park Gardens where a pontoon provides secure moorings if they  lock the gate. There's a weir next to Freeman's Meadow Lock which is a bit daunting if you were travelling north as there's no barrier at all.

At King's Lock we were back to canals so Ben and I walked between the locks until we reached Kilby Bridge. A few of the locks leaked so much we had a job to get the levels to open them and had to resort to a gentle nudge from the boat. We took eight hours in all, mainly because nearly all of them had to be emptied first and they empty and fill really slowly. Arriving at Kilby Bridge I rang 'The Navigation' to ask about food, so our evening meal was there and I'd highly recommend the sirloin steak.

Back on the boat we're relaxing watching TV and Ben still wants to play ball even after his very long walk he ever tired?


artymess said...

ha ha i don't think my dogs would just watch a rat running they would have to give chase ....what a well behaved dog ....x

Elsie said...

The rat was the other side of the lock and Ben won't go across V shaped the rat was quite safe from Ben!