Monday, July 04, 2011

Moored At Great Haywood Visitor Moorings

After a lovely quiet night at Rugeley, we left to cruise as far as Great Haywood with just two locks to work through. Ben and I walked from Rugeley to Colwich Lock and boy was it hot! As usual Ben had frequent dips in the canal to have a drink and cool his toes. We queued at the locks but boats going in both directions made life easier. I struggled to close one of the bottom gates on the Colwich Lock but help was around otherwise I'd still be there.

I enjoyed the short cruise to Great Haywood getting off to work the lock and today we were in luck as there was room to moor above the lock. Eric was pleased he could get a satellite signal for TV too.  It makes a pleasant change to our usual mooring place of Tixall Wide and it's a lot closer to the bus stop. Tomorrow I'm off to Newport leaving the males of the household to fend for themselves. The fridge, freezer and cupboards are full so neither man nor dog will starve!


Sue said...

Why is it Elsie that when we go away we make sure the guys can survive?!

Is it because we feel guilty leaving them, or is it because they won't keep phoning us up?! :D

Elsie said...

Eric likes something easy to cook! Ben eats anything eats anything. I still get lots of phone calls .....just for a chat:-)