Monday, July 11, 2011

Moored At Fradley- Plenty of Room Today!

We left Rugeley after it filled up with boats, all going shopping in Morrisons. We had a quiet Sunday night with no repeat of the nearby residents having a full blown shouting, screaming and swearing row! Ben and I walked as far as the waterpoint and then got back on the boat to clean the very hairy interior of the boat. We needed water as the bedding was washed on route to the waterpoint.

It's very busy on this section of the Trent and Mersey Canal, and we followed a stream of boats which was good because we just followed them through the narrow section. At the first lock Ben and I got off and after working the lock we walked down to the next lock above Fradley Junction. The sign said 'Welcome to Fradley Junction' and there was actually room to moor!

Later on we walked down to 'The Swan' with Ben the dog and a had a pint before taking him for a walk around Fradley Pool. I had to keep him on a lead as there was lots of thick black mud at the water's edge and we all know how much Ben likes paddling! There were spaces to moor next to the nature reserve but as it's next to a road, it's not my favourite spot. The shop was open so we had an icecream and I bought a card to send to my dad .........just like holiday makers today!

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