Friday, July 22, 2011

Moored At Birstall On The River Soar

A view of the River Soar
We enjoyed our trip on the River Soar today and part of our journey was on a short section of the River Wreake. According to Pearson's the 18th century owners of Wanlip Hall didn't want 'dirty barges and bargees' spoiling their view so the plans were changed. Ben and I walked some of the footpaths alongside the river through fields but he'll be glad to be back on canals where he can have a longer walk.

We worked through five locks today and moored below Birstall Lock where the moorings soon filled up as there's a pub next to the moorings. The Candy Boat was there so we sampled their sherbet lemons....very nice to! We seem to take an age to get anywhere today as we had to empty locks before we could use them, and big wide ones take much longer to fill and empty. Some lock landings you needed a set of steps to get off the boat, I ended up on my hands and knees- I can't put my foot up that high!  Most of the trip today was on rivers so finding a mooring was more difficult as we need to be able to get off the boat with the dog.

Tomorrow we're planning to give the big city of Leicester a miss and pass through  and once we're through King's Lock we're back on canals........Ben will be pleased!

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