Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moored At Barrow Upon Soar

Leaving our mooring near Kegworth
This morning we left our mooring at 10am, Ben and I walking as far as Zouch Lock through some fields on the way. Two fields had cows in, but they were too busy nibbling the grass to take any notice of us walking along the footpath......thank goodness! Back on the boat we passed through the flood gates with emergency flood moorings opposite Soar Boat Club where they ignored our cheery waves. I won't tell you what Eric said!

We continued on the river until we worked through Bishop Meadow Lock and stopped for water as I'd done a wash load. We got rid of the rubbish but the elsan was out of order  but as we planned to go to Loughborough Wharf it didn't really matter. According to Pearson's there are secure visitor moorings here  but sadly that is not so, so after I'd been to Tesco we winded and  moved on passing through Loughborough. We didn't see any boats on the move today but as we moored above Barrow Deep Lock there was the boat we'd shared the locks with yesterday.

Tea was bacon & eggs ......yes Anne the bacon you brought us from was delicious as were the sausages we had yesterday.


Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi There,

We were stck in Loughborough Basin for nearly a week as the local KFC poisoned me.

The student accomodation is alongside and believe me the noise all night long is bad....very bad.

The 4am drunks are the worst though, not a place we would ever have gone back to!!

Elsie said...

So our gut feeling was correct! The razor wire on the yard opposite was a clue! It's a pity some towns/cities don't encourage boats, as I said Nottingham was lovely.

David said...

Night stopped in Loughborough just east of the bend without problem a couple of times. Found Kegworth the worst 'cos we moored under the flight path. Zouch good, can recomend the Rose & Crown


Elsie said...

Yes we did notice the planes in a few places we stopped.

Just had a look at your blog- I'll add it to my blog list,