Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kilby Bridge To Foxton.....12 Locks Today

A view down the site of the Inclined Plane
Another busy day walking and working through twelve double locks, but it was easier today because we shared all the locks with another boat. With three people working the locks we took it in turns to walk ahead and set the next lock. We arrived at Foxton Locks and turned down the Market Harborough Arm to find a mooring space. Later we walked back to Foxton Locks to have a look at the site of the Inclined Plane and the Foxton Staircase. The place is buzzing, full of boats, walkers, dogs and children!

Tomorrow we're having a lazy day with no locks, just a cruise to Market Harborough to have a look around and then back to Foxton  ready for those locks on Tuesday. The good thing is their narrow locks which are nowhere near as heavy as the double locks.

Overlocking part of Foxton Staircase Locks

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