Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fradley To Alrewas.....Seven Locks!

Entering Common Lock No 14

Today we left our mooring above Fradley, it had been a lovely spot but no satellite signal due to the trees. We worked through three locks stopping at the BW services before carrying on towards Alrewas. Lots of boats about so some help at the locks other than one boat which stayed well way until we left the gates open for him to come up. At Fradley,  Junction Lock No 17 (by the pub) must have a bees nest in the left hand beam as we watched a bee taking bits of leaves into a hole where the wooden beam slots into the steel.

Ben and I walked to Alrewas working the boat through four more locks on the way. We wondered if we'd find room to stop as we crawled past the long lines of moored boats, yes we were lucky there was a space just after the waterpoint. Eric managed to get a satellite signal so we've got TV tonight. We walked into Alrewas with its pretty thatched buildings to buy some fruit and some stamps. I had bought a card at the shop in Fradley but they didn't sell stamps, even though there's a post box in the wall just past the pub. So dad's card got posted today in Alrewas.

Below Alrewas Lock the canal merges into the River Trent for a short distance before the river goes over a large weir. So tomorrow we'll be doing that bit before heading towards Branston Water Park. We're getting closer Anne.........if you're reading this!!

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