Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crack's Hill and Watford Locks, G.U.C Leicester Section

NB Bendigedig from Crack's Hill
Ben at the top of Crack's Hill
Today the sun was shining, so despite plans to stay put we changed our minds! First of all I wanted to walk up the top of Crack's Hill to look at the view. Part of the hill itself is a giant rabbit warren but with Ben about they stayed in their burrows. Lovely views you could see Crick Church will the spire shrouded in scaffolding. There's a beacon on top of the hill and a monument with a plaque on top telling you the distances to various masts and places. On the way down we followed a footpath and found Crick Millenium Wood, so we walked around the edge of the wood before returning to the boat.

Next we cruised for just a short distance as I needed to go to the Coop in Crick for fresh supplies. I used their trolley and then had to empty the contents onto the counter to go  through the till before she passed the items back to me to put in my shopping trolley.....not the most helpful Coop. In other stores they've taken the trolley behind the counter and I only had to pack the goods.

Back on the boat I put the food away and we cruised towards Crick Tunnel. We passed several boats in the tunnel too. We arrived at the top of Watford Locks, seven in all including a staircase of four. I went to find the lock keeper to join the queue  while Eric used the services at the top of the locks. I was pleased there was a book swap there too. We waited for about an hour and then we were on our way down, remembering  red before white with the paddle gear! The lock keeper was watching but he didn't do any paddles, unlike the lockie at Foxton Locks!

Eric's now has some new words 'Armco huggers' for those boaters who moor in the middle of any section of Armco so nobody else can moor next to them! We finally moored up just past Bridge 2 and that fishy aerial came out as we couldn't get a satellite signal. Strawberries for tea ..yum yum!

Going down the Watford Flight

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