Thursday, July 14, 2011

Branston to Willington

We left our mooring at Branston Water Park this morning to move on. The canal was quite narrow there with moored boats and we took a big blow to our bow when a Shakespeare hire boat arrived last night. Not one word of apology and they didn't even look our way and then they upset us even moor when the engine went on at 9.30pm! Needless to say I didn't stop Ben peeing by their boat.

At the first lock we came to named Branston Lock there was a mother duck very concerned as three of her ducklings couldn't get out of the lock bypass channel. She didn't move away even when Ben and I walked past.We rescued two ducklings and reunited them with their mum and the other one was rescued by the Canaltime crew on the boat behind. A quick stop at Shobnall Chandlery for an air filter  but we came out with a TV aerial system as a backup when we can't find a satellite signal. It looks like a fish but it works!

Shobnall Fields already has moored boats alongside with their show numbers, ready for the IWA Show at the end of this month. It's usually at the end of August so I don't know why the dates have changed.We stopped at Horninglow Wharf for water and the sanitary station mooring up next to Andrew Denny's boat NB Granny Buttons but he was elsewhere now he works for a living. The water tank filled we were on our way enjoying our cruise in unfamiliar territory......we only been this way once before four years ago.

Finally at Willington which is  a place I did remember and we found a mooring. One disadvantage here though is the noisy Cross Country Trains passing alongside the moorings......ear plugs tonight!

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