Saturday, July 02, 2011

Bloggers At Hopwas

Reflections in Hopwas Wood
Hopwas was certainly the place to be for bloggers. Moored up near us were NB Herbie, NB Indigo Dream and  NB Gypsy Rover (Australia). This morning another one turned up Greygal with three of her greyhounds but  no boat, she'd come to crew for NB Herbie. But we left them all behind and cruised towards Fradley  Junction where we had a lunch stop  and used the services before we headed up three locks towards Great Haywood. I always find these three locks heavy going, the gates jusy don't want to shut and at Woodend Lock there's only one paddle working  so it's really slow going up.

The weather is glorious but Ben and I have had several short walks as it's hot walking the towpath with little shade. Of course Ben has been paddling in  the Trent and Mersey cooling his toes, but I'll have to wait til later..........thinking about it toes in a bowl of cool water!


artymess said...

Lovely photo Elsie...i love reflections in water ...x

Elsie said...

Been reading your blog. Sorry to hear about your back, must be painful! Especially when you lie there thinking of all you've got to do before the end of term! Take care, Elsie