Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another Day Above Derwent Mouth Lock

Eric's first job of the day is to check the engine, more so because it sounded differently.......the strange noise turned out to be a damaged belt on the Travel Generator which had been only replaced about three months ago! The V belt had lost a section of V's! While he  was in the engine hole he replaced the belt which runs the water pump and small alternator which was showing signs of wear.

Next job was to join the chain and rope to the anchor as we are going on the River Trent to Nottingham. It has so much rope and chain on it and is so heavy Eric jokes it would stop the QE2! If we ever needed to use it there would little chance of hauling it back in by hand.

The weather was awful yesterday morning with persistant heavy rain and yes Ben and I did go for a walk and come back dripping wet. He doesn't mind the rain and it coat always looks shiny after it's been wet and had a rub down with a towel. My wet gear just dripped in the's been a very useful addition to the boat.

Today we'll be heading towards Cranfleet Cut and I won't be able to walk Ben 'til later as the Horse Bridge below Derwent Mouth Lock to take the towpath across the River Trent is in the process of being replaced. Let's hope the rain stays away.

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