Tuesday, July 19, 2011

About Turn ......Leaving Nottingham

Going down Castle Lock No. 6
Winding by the Magistrates Courts
Today (Tuesday) we left Nottingham behind after going down Castle Lock and winding near the Magistrates Courts.Nottingham has definately been worth a visit and I'm sure we'll come back again. Ben and I had a short walk and got back on the boat just in time to miss the heavy rain which gave Eric wet feet. We're heading back along Beeston Cut to use the Services before going back on the River Trent ( water levels permitting) to Cranfleet Cut.

Update: The River Trent was on green so we got to Cranfleet Cut. It took a while against the flow, in some places the river was calm but others we had waves!


anne said...

now I know how pleasnt the walk along the towpath is . I shall stroll there, instead of waiting so long at the station, when I miss trains.
No news yet, on the twins

anne said...

sorry about spelling,,,,,having trouble with the keys

Elsie said...

Hi Anne,

We had the quiche for tea, it was lovely, the best I've had for a long time.

Hope those twins arrive soon and your mum's OK.

Love Elsie