Sunday, June 26, 2011

What A Scorcher Of A Day.......Visitors On The Ashby Canal

Rosie & Jim are going to Newport!

Gwenllian with her life jacket on

Lisa and Gwenllian
Today the weather has been glorious and we made our way to moor on the one hour mooring at Sutton Cheyney Wharf. Shortly afterwards Lisa, Gwenllian, Sally and a friend arrived. We've had a lovely day cruising to King Richard's Field (see photo below) and then onto Bosworth Wharf where there was room to moor. Gwen sat on the roof  talking to her grandad sporting her new life jacket and looking at the wild life on the canal and in the fields. We turned around at Bosworth Wharf and headed back to moor opposite King Richard's Field for a spaghetti bolonaise tea. Ben and I went down the path to look at the field and found a memorial with  this plaque on.

Later we cruised back to the wharf where the car was parked and our visitors started their journey home by car while we headed off to find a space to moor for the night. It had been a very busy day!


Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Latest research appears to show that the battle actually took place about a mile up the road, seems a shame after they've spent all that money on the Battlefield Visitor Centre.

Elsie said...

Not researched.....just a mention of what was visible in the field.Thanks for the update.