Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Weekend At Tixall Wide

Tixall Wide - a nightime view of the Gatehouse

Since Friday we've been enjoying the peace and quiet of Tixall Wide, there's only a few boats here so it's even quieter than usual. On Saturday I escaped to the town of Stafford on the hourly bus from Great Haywood leaving Eric with Ben the dog. I needed a haircut and the walk in service at 'Supercuts' in the Guidhall Shopping Centre was just what I needed.

Then if was off looking for a new phone- I wanted a Samsung because I'm used to the way the menu works and I didn't want an all singing and dancing one just   nothing elaborate. My previous Samsung was a flip phone which survived two watery dunks in the canal by me  shutting it off straight away,  removing Sim, removing battery and leaving to dry out.Whether my new slide phone will survive any dips is yet to be seen! As I've a Sim only deal with Vodafone I chose a Pay as you talk phone. I hadn't realised quite how bad the speakers on my old phone had it's much easier ......I can actually hear what callers say!

The only energetic thing we've done this weekend is walking the dog, you can't count turning the pages of  my book or tapping the keyboard on my laptop. Tomorrow we need to get some diesel from Anglowelsh, fill the water tank and empty the cassettes......we're heading off towards Burton on Trent on the Trent and Mersey Canal.

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