Friday, June 17, 2011

On The Move - Radford Bank To Tixall Wide

After stopping to go to Midland Chandlers we continued cruising until we reached Radford Bank as I wanted a lovely roast dinner from the Radford Bank Inn. A long cruising day (for us) of six hours and there was actually room to moor. We enjoyed an early meal at 5.30pm rather than later as it gets pretty busy. Suitably full......we had hot chocolate fudge cake for dessert.... we had a lazy evening.

On Friday morning we were up and ready to go by 9.30am as we wanted to get to Tixall Wide before the forecast rain, but it's 1pm and still  no rain so we needn't have got up so early. Ben and  I walked all the way taking about an hour and a half  ( I needed to walk off that pudding!) while Eric steered the boat. We're so early there's plenty of room to moor at Tixall Wide, but at the weekend it soon fills up.

The rain came in the end about 4 o'clock no need to water the plants tonight!


Graham and Jill Findlay said...

We passed you on the Wide about 08.00 this morning, all looked quiet on board so we crept past so as not to disturb you.

Elsie said...

Hi, I doubt if we were up then, it's so quiet and peaceful at Tixall Wide.