Friday, June 03, 2011

NB Bendigedig's In Great Haywood Marina, We're In Newport!

On Friday it was only a short hop to Great Haywood Marina but as we were unsure where to go we headed for the main building and found Steve the mooring manager to tell us where to moor. He came aboard and directed us over to the floating pontoons, oh dear did  I have fun getting Ben off the boat to walk on plastic that moved and made a funny noise. Once he was dragged off unwillingly he saw green grass and decided to come for a walk around the marina. The piers are protected by gates with pin numbers, OK as long as I don't forget it. The boat on one side of us weren't particularly friendly, they came to take their boat out for the weekend and made a point of telling us we were connected to the electric point they normally use even though they weren't going to be on shore power. We had four unmarked sockets on the bollard and we chose theirs! Our side hatches faced each other but my hello was totally ignored!

Other moorers chatted and were friendly as we loaded the suitcases and bed settee (in pieces) into the van hired from Enterprise. The bed settee was going to be our bed for when we go to Newport visiting and we're going to buy some leather chairs from IKEA.

The journey to Newport took four hours as we avoided the motorways after listening to the traffic news and went on the A roads. There wasn't much room in the front of the van with Ben the dog but he was a very good boy. We stopped a few times to stretch our legs etc and were very glad when the journey was was so hot! Before we could go to bed though we had to put the bed settee back together!

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