Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Much Cooler Today.......Still On The Ashby

We found a spot to moor without waist high greenery!
We had a quiet day Monday, it was still very hot until later in the afternoon. We only cruised for about half an hour and it was so hot Ben didn't want to go for a longer walk once we'd moored up the boat. He just flaked out by the bed and stayed asleep for hours. It rained later and it cooled down a bit- I was glad I can't cope with intense heat.

Today it was much cooler......Eric was on the back of the boat in his coat. Ben and I enjoyed our walk alongside the boat. We passed Trinity Marina, the visitor moorings are for 'casual moorings' now and full of locked up boats which appear to have been there a while. If you wanted a meal in 'The Marina' pub/restaurant you've had it. There's a space to stop for fuel etc and a useful shop.

No room at the inn !(pub)
We're moored on the Ashby Canal a few bridges away from the junction with the Coventry Canal. There's a lot of moored boats on this canal so it's been hard to find somewhere without waist high greenery and soft banks, but we  found a spot so we're OK.

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