Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Moored Past Alvecote Priory, Coventry Canal

Waiting below Glascote Bottom Lock

Not a particularly quiet night near Streethay Wharf as there's an A road nearby, so in went the ear plugs. In the morning we were woken by the distinctive sound of an old working boat going past at 6am. We had a pleasant cruise in the sunshine through the leafy corridor which is the Coventry Canal. Of course we met other boats in awkward places, nothing new there although the overgrown trees and bushes on the non towpath side made the channel narrow in places.

Arriving at Glascote Locks we met a queue of boats in front of us. These locks fill slowly but empty quickly and we were lucky as by the time it was out turn to go up the lock a boat was coming down so we didn't have to empty the lock before we could use it. The crew in front were Norwegian and enjoying a lovely holiday on a Viking Afloat, we had a nice chat while we helped at the lock.

We passed the Samuel Barlow pub, where lots of historic old boats were being pampered with polish and brasso, on their way to the Historic Boat Rally at Braunston there'll be no room to moor there this weekend. We continued on our way and finally stopped after Alvecote Priory next to a wooded area which Ben and I will explore later.

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