Monday, June 13, 2011

Moored On Sunday, Cruising Monday.

It's definately not a show boat!
I thought I'd show you the interior of the boat with our recent changes. We now have a Wilson's Thames Sofa Bed which we are very pleased with. It took just four weeks from ordering and the service was excellent.We just need some new cushions now.  We also have some new arm chairs so we have a choice of places to sit. Ben cant't make up his mind where to sleep now. As you can see it's no show boat.....towels drying next to the radiator, duvet cover airing on the other radiator and the removable cratch windows on the floor.....but it's home.

The weather was dreadful with the rain and wind so we were glad we'd decided to stay put on Sunday. I did don the wet weather gear and take Ben for a walk but we were only out an hour. Ben was quite happy to get back on the boat and have a rub down with a towel. Eric had lit the fire so we soon dried off. The plants on the roof were taking a battering so Eric put them on the front deck until Monday morning. We had a lazy day and of course Eric watched the Grand Prix and was pleased Jenson Button gained first place.

On Monday we went up  Brick Kiln Lock and Gailey Lock before we used the services.  All the rain means the water levels are much better on the canal. Ben and I walked  with the boat getting back on at Hatherton Junction. It wasn't long before we moored near Moat House Bridge, a lovely spot with no roads or railway noise to contend with. Another boat came and moored up nearby with a collie cross on board so Ben was delighted to  find a play mate. I had a chat to couple  onboard while Eric resealed the mushroom over our bed which had started dripping during the heavy rain.

Back on the boat we listened to Radio 2 and played ball with Ben. It's been a very different day from yesterday as the sun is shining!


Elly and Mick said...

We love to see photos of "lived in" narrowboat interiors. The photos of boats for sale are always bare and stark.
How do you find the new sofa? Is it comfortable??
Elly and Mick (in Oz)

Elsie said...

It's great, lots of room for two not that Eric sits on it much. I hog it with my feet up unless Ben is beside me. Just needs some squashy cushions to make it really comfy. Excellent service from Wilsons and we didn't pay anything until the goods were delivered and fitted..... very rare these days.