Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Marston Junction To Hawkesbury- Plans Change Again

Leaving the Ashby-remains of the stop lock

Turn left for Hawkesbury Junction
The Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junction
The mannequins at Charity Dock
More mannequins!
Last night we had another change of plan as I needed to go to Newport next week. We decided to go down to Hawkesbury Junction to use the services before turning around and heading back up the Coventry Canal towards Fradley Junction. We decided we'd rather go back to some familiar territory  where it was much easier to catch a train.

This morning we were up and away by 10.30am, no need to rush! Ben and walked to Hawkesbury Junction and it was a bit traumatic for him because of an unknown 'yellow thing' flying in the sky. Actually it was a yellow air ship attached to the ground, probably advertising something but I didn't get to see what as Ben turned tail and ran in the other direction with me following at a much slower pace. Eric meanwhile was unaware of the problem and carried on his way until he realised I wasn't behind him anymore.

Eventually Ben came back to me with his tail between his legs and it was a case of him being dragged on his lead past the airship and finally catching up with Eric who had pulled in to wait for me. We continued our walk to Hawkesbury Junction where we filled up with water at the slowest tap I've ever was a trickle!  Eric did the cassettes while I went to the shop over the 'Wings over Water' bridge. I posted a card to my cousin Christine who has reached her 60th birthday.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTINE.

Back on the boat we went to the junction and winded (turned around) and now we're on our way to Hartshill for a nice mooring for the night. I had to take some photos of the mannequins at Charity Dock which always make me smile. Needless to say Ben was on the boat as we passed the 'yellow thing' flying in the sky!

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